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It’s January 20, 2021. Inauguration Day. It’s a new day and the end of an era. The end of tyranny. If you’re anything like the 81,281,502 (& counting) Americans who cast their vote for President Biden, you’re looking to unite the country. Unity with accountability will be the key to moving forward. Unity-with a little bit of understanding of the past 4 years- will propel us forward. Without knowledge, we cannot move in the right direction. With that being said, here are 8 books that will help you on your journey forward.

  1. Unbelievable by Katy Tur

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“Hey girl!!! How have you been? Your vacation pictures are CAAAA-YUTEEEE! Looks like you’re living your best life, you boss babe you. I noticed a post about your endometriosis & my company, Arbonne, makes these fizzy sticks that honestly cured my cramps. Can I send you a sample pack? PS Miss you! It’s been so long since our 8th grade English class where I bullied you for your acne, crimped hair, and two-toned braces bands. Xoxo.”

This is almost an exact text my sister, managing her chronic condition on a daily basis, received about a year ago. You know, minus the obvious statement at the end. That goes without saying. …

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I’ll start with some personal facts. My mom is a registered Republican (“formerly Anna! I have changed it” I can hear her yell) and my father is a registered Democrat. The political tension has been bubbling since before my conception.

In school, I handled politics like I did everything. I sided with the parent I loved most at the moment. My mom handled our school drop-offs, so she got more air time with my sister and me.

My first memory of our political landscape was the Gore V Bush campaign. My second-grade class had a mock election, which I embarrassingly took charge of. I was a Bush groupie with zero grasps on his policies. I just loved his Texas charm. Charm alone works when you’re uneducated. When asked by a teacher who my favorite president was, I quickly glanced up at the wrap around lamination of past presidents in the room. “Richard Nixon!” …

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  1. What can I do to mitigate the spread of this?
  2. Is my own personal freedom worth not caring about others’ health & safety?
  3. What kind of emotion does this spark? Am I outraged? Why? Am I not really moved? Why?
  4. Why is this political? Does this say something about our current leadership?
  5. Imagine a loved one. Now imagine they’re gone due to COVID-19. Do you care more? Are you angry? Are you unmoved?
  6. When did we stop trusting doctors and scientists? Is this for our own convenience? …


Anna Gaoghagan

+ bad pun enthusiast, + travel planner at heart, +avid reader

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