Questions To Ponder During COVID-19

  1. What can I do to mitigate the spread of this?
  2. Is my own personal freedom worth not caring about others’ health & safety?
  3. What kind of emotion does this spark? Am I outraged? Why? Am I not really moved? Why?
  4. Why is this political? Does this say something about our current leadership?
  5. Imagine a loved one. Now imagine they’re gone due to COVID-19. Do you care more? Are you angry? Are you unmoved?
  6. When did we stop trusting doctors and scientists? Is this for our own convenience? Is it easier to tune out reality so we can just “live our best lives?”
  7. Essential workers. Let’s talk about them! How can we make their lives easier?
  8. How can I better myself during this year? During this pandemic?
  9. Would we care about social issues if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic? Can we continue to be aware and care and strive for change when things start to normalize one day?
  10. Foundations need to be rebuilt. Structures need to be rebuilt +rennovated. Now think of America. What needs to be rebuilt? How can you use your voice to implement this change?
  11. What does unity look like to you? Do you think this country is united? How can you help?
  12. What can we learn from other countries?

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